About Me

About Me

You can call me ‘M’. My pronouns are they/them/their. I am non-binary and queer, walking the world in a female body that houses the masculine and feminine. Committed to cultivating love and joy. One who speaks the truth knowing it isn’t the only truth. One who practices serving as an empty vessel for spirit in my life. Grounded in the fine arts, writing, the body, the balance of the elements, herbalism, firekeeping, conflict management/transformation, deep listening, and a layered understanding of interrelationship.

I reside in Western Massachusetts and hold a BFA in Fibers from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and an M.Sc. in Applied Conflict Studies & Mediation from Champlain College in Burlington, VT.

I have studied Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Islam, Judaism, and Paganism. I have learned from elders of indigenous traditions across the world – China, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, West Africa – and here in the US. I have met and held with great love, people from all walks of life; I have learned who I am by learning who they are.

I have forged my life by living from a place of faith. By trusting myself to take one more step, to endure one more moment of discomfort, to risk vulnerability and to be curious once again. It is a practice of creating a life worth living, no matter what is presented. It is a practice of setting boundaries. Of knowing and naming needs. Of learning how to lead with love. For my whole self. And for others. Over and over again.

These days require tremendous faith, vulnerability, heartbreak, and love. With and for each other. Stepping from this place of faith. Listening deeply to yourself and others. Honoring the wisdom each of us carries. Accompanying one another in a life worth living for all – now and seven generations from now. It is from this place within myself that I offer my skills to your journey of empowered communication. While my work is not exclusive to the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities I have shifted my focus to center these individuals by offering gratis or discounted rates for all of my Empowered Communication services.

Please follow me on Instagram @lightning_in_my_blood to better understand who I am and how my world view informs my work.