Center for Reflection, Dialogue & Creation

The Center for Reflection, Dialogue & Creation is located at the Brassworks, 132 Main Street, Williamsburg, MA.

The Center spans the wide berth of experiences I have engaged in the past 22 years and serves as an anchor for both my studio work and my coaching, facilitation, educational, and organizational development work.

While the space serves as an anchor for my work, it is also a space for the community – for others to gather and to carry on their reflective dialogues, choosing creative actions to foster a brighter world for our children.

In our fast-paced, technology-based society it is easy to feel disconnected from a sense of purpose and vision, misunderstood by those we live and work with, and at a loss for how to bridge the divide of conflicting values and needs personally, locally and globally.

The Center is a space for gaining tools and awareness that will help you to live a life of curiosity, self-awareness, connection, and sustainable life-giving relationships with all whom you encounter, live, and work with. It is the opportunity to engage in a lifetime of learning that beckons you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others each day.

It is a space for lifting the filters of your own bias, fears, assumptions, and blindspots, in order to consider the wholeness of any situation, conversation, or relationship dynamic you encounter. It is an opportunity to choose mindful actions based in our values, rather than responding reactively.

It is a space for opening yourself to that which is different, establishing boundaries that allow for positive engagement, building your muscles for curiosity, engaging patience for your own imperfections, and refining your communication to create relationships and a sense of self that thrives and flourishes in everyday life.