This 1:1 work will help you to engage more freely with world views and perceptions that differ from your own, explore the art of dialogue by activating your capacity to listen, and learn how to utilize language in a way that is affirming, empowering, empathetic, and provides agency to yourself and those around you.

Sessions generally run from 60 to 90 minutes via phone or Skype; an initial free 20 minute consultation to clarify goals and our strategy for achieving those goals is necessary. Additional resources, readings, exercises, and explorations will be provided for the times between coaching sessions.

Individual coaching: sliding scale of $50 – $150 per session

Group coaching: sliding scale of $40 to $110 per person per session; minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 individuals at this rate.

* Purchase of sessions in a cost-saving package is available depending on your goals and the longevity of our work together.


Are you seeking to undertake a group dialogue in your personal or professional life? Whether you are looking to create a strategic plan of action or simply want to engage in a complex conversation to explore the needs of the individuals and the group, I can provide a supportive, organic structure that allows you to dive into the work at hand.

An initial free consultation by phone or in-person is necessary to establish the goals and create the appropriate structure to meet those goals.

Group facilitation is available on a sliding scale of $75 to $200 per hour depending on the goals of the group. This may or may not include preparation work prior to the facilitated event.


Interactive Short Workshops & Long-Term Courses are also available. These educational experiences focus on: cultivating skills in the areas of active listening, giving/receiving feedback, strategies for difficult conversations, understanding values as it relates to world views and conflicts, identity and its role in conflict, identifying and neutralizing the physiological impact of conflict,  and the impact of language in conflict.

$75/hour including planning and delivery or per-person charge depending on the type of workshop or long-term course you are seeking to undertake.