Working with Melissa is immeasurably rewarding. Her gentle, thoughtful, intelligent and  inclusive perspectives changed how I viewed and positioned myself within the most challenging relationships in my life. Not only have my most challenging relationships transformed for the better, working with her strengthened my ability to be more conscious in everyday life.

April P., Events & Design Consultant

Melissa worked with me to help me deal with two very serious conflicts in my life that were causing me difficulties and distress. I very much appreciated her intelligent and imaginative way of working; the result of which was my ability to face up to the conflicts with more courage and determination. She works in a very efficient way.  I heartily recommend her to anyone in need of conflict coaching.

Jackie H., Mindfulness Teacher & Psychological Coach

Melissa has the wonderful ability to deeply listen to what you are saying. There have been numerous occasions when I have need help in navigating certain challenging situations and her ability to truly hear me has allowed me move through those situations with grace.

Camille H., LAc, LMT

Melissa’s coaching work is a revelation. As a therapist myself, I am very familiar with being a part of helping relationships and strategies for moving through difficult times.  Despite my training and experience, I found myself swept up by Melissa’s deeply present attention, thoughtful questions and unconditional support.  I felt like I had been given a dose of oxygen after my time with her, and was both more aware of what I was dealing with and tuned into myself in a way I could not get to on my own.  Her help was crucial in opening up my thinking and helping me to feel empowered just when I needed it most.

Rachel B., Therapist

Melissa is skilled in the art of teaching how subtle shifts of language can turn a statement from inflammatory to generative.  Her attentive, patient communication style models good behavior, so that learning is not merely conceptual, but also experiential.  She creates a safe space in which to tackle any conflict with her grounded and respectful neutrality.

Jessica P., Workshop Participant

Melissa’s clear explanations and relevant examples helped me to really understand the concepts that she was presenting.  I have integrated things I learned from her into the way I perceive and act in situations of conflict.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Chandra B., Workshop Participant

Melissa has the ability and agility to get to the heart of an awkward situation while at the same time putting the participants at ease in a graceful but also direct manner. The gentle and comforting way in which she is able to speak with her clients, coaching them to find the right choice of words for better and more accurate communication is a beauty to behold. She blends her profound knowledge and professional skills with a natural ability to work with people. Her genuine interest in others brings a refreshing change of atmosphere into difficult conversations which she can take on by the horns with her straightforward and organized approach.

Becky A., Business Owner & Non-Profit Board President