Unbroken Rainbow

The Unbroken Rainbow

These pieces were inspired by the story of the rainbow and ceremony of life, shared by Australian aboriginal Yuin elder Bobby McLeod. The teaching contained within this Yuin story speaks to the importance of learning to love yourself and treat yourself as sacred . . . learning to treat others in a sacred manner . . . learning about life and death . . . learning about the woman within and the man within . . . learning about humility, generosity, courage, kindness . . . learning about what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. To deeply understand the elements, the great teachers, and ceremony.

The rainbow was once an unbroken circle that rested where the land met the water. One day a group of good-hearted people decided they wanted to visit this place…and once there…to walk out into the water and touch the rainbow itself. The group of well-intended persons made the long trek and finally reached their destination. They were about to step into the water when just there…on top of those rocks…appeared a guardian. “Please don’t step into the water. Because if you do you will create ripples and those ripples will destroy the bottom of the rainbow…but if you are willing, I will teach you The Ceremony of Life. Then you will be able to step into the water in such a way that you won’t make any ripples and you will be able to touch the rainbow.”

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